3 Must-Read Books To Make You A Better Storyteller

Last Friday I hosted a post Storytelling Workshop check-in call.

To ensure participants were making the most of what they’d learnt in the Full Day workshop with my late last year.

One of the questions I was asked was:

“Could you share your top recommendations for Storytelling books?”

Now, I’ve read lots of books on storytelling, but some have been better than others.

So I picked 3 of my most favourite books on Storytelling and shared the details. So they could pick one, or all of them to read.

If you also want to *level-up* your storytelling game and you’re interested to know what books I recommended, here they are:


This was the first ever book I read on Storytelling and it honestly blew my mind! There were so many instances of stories in the book.

It was absolutely fascinating to read the impact the use of storytelling had on that individual, group of people or company.

He split his stories into these categories:

  • Part I: Storytellers who ignite our inner fire.
  • Part II: Storytellers who educate.
  • Part III: Storytellers who simplify.
  • Part IV: Storytellers who motivate.
  • Part V: Storytellers who launch movements.

He shares the stories of different people under each Chapter, along with a summary of the secret of that storyteller.

It’s got stories of some very famous people in the book too – Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Sheryl Sandberg, and more.

If you’d like to tell more stories in the corporate world, this book is a great first starting point. 

You’ll come out with an even deeper appreciation for the art of storytelling and a burning drive to use the ‘secrets’ he shared in the book!


A previous client of mind introduced me to Kindra Hall back in 2019. I remember going straight to her Instagram Profile and seeing that she told stories almost every day on her account.

Short stories, but stories from her every-day life. I was so impressed that she could weave a lesson into the most mundane encounter or experience.

I always loved her posts, so when she said she was bringing out her first book, I signed up immediately and devoured it.

It also has lots of stories in it, but it has specific guidance too. The bit I liked the most was her take on the 4 components (i.e. ingredients) of a *great* story. 

I remember checking out the reviews after I’d read the book and seeing someone had given it 1 star. They complained that Kindra had spent a lot of the book telling stories vs simply giving guidance steps on how to tell better stories.

That review left me truly baffled!!

Because to me that’s what made the book so good! I don’t want to simply read an instruction manual. I want to read a book that has examples of what they’re talking about. Stories to illustrate and drive the points home.

Anyway, if you like the idea of some structured guidance, supported with stories, read this book!

You’ll come out being able to tell stories more often and with more impact.


In this book they share lots of tips on how to take your stories and storytelling to a whole new level. Plus lots of examples from the Moth Stage.

I remember the first Moth event I went to. A friend from work took me and she even got up and did a story herself! Very impressive.

Not familiar with The Moth events?

There’s a topic chosen for the event before-hand (generally one word e.g. Ego). Then on night, people from the audience are invited to throw their hat in the ring (well their name in the hat) if they’re prepared to share a story on that theme.

If your name is picked, you have to get up and tell a true, personal story in less than 5 mins, that’s aligned to the chosen topic.

There’s very specific rules about what the story needs to be. It also must have stakes and it needs to have a twist at the end!

A moth StorySLAM is one of the most interesting events I’ve been to. Almost better than going to a TEDx event. Because all stories relate to the same theme.

So, when I found out that they had authored a book, I had to buy it!

It’s intricate in its guidance, but loving it and geeked out on the various concepts.

If you want to tell more personal stories, or if you’d like to get up on stage at a Moth Event one day, or on a TED Stage, this book is for you!


If you’re interested in reading up about the art of storytelling, these books are fantastic options. They’ll pique your curiosity for storytelling and make you a better storyteller.

Q – What Storytelling books have you read that you loved? I’m always up for new recommendations! 


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Emily Edgeley is a Public Speaking Coach for the Technology industry. Since 2017 she’s run over 280 group coaching sessions, coached more than 250 people privately, and formally supported first time and experienced speakers at 10 Conferences, covering 1000+ people across the globe. 

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