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I can truly say, I am not scared or intimidated anymore. Emily is an amazing coach.

My confidence and ability to express my passion in a way that is relevant for my audience are my biggest transformations.

TANVI (Senior Cyber SME)
Conference Coaching

I took to the stage with a confidence and assuredness I had never thought possible.

Emily is a wonderful speaking coach. I had the great fortune of her guidance and I’m excited to have these new skills and to look forward to speaking opportunities!

ANTONY (Journey Expert)
Private Coaching

Speak to Emily if you want to improve the adoption rate of your reports & recommendations.

I asked Emily to weave her magic and she received a unanimous vote of thanks for her tips on structuring and delivering stories that influence or change behaviour.

JOHN (Justice Sector CISO)
Storytelling Workshop

Hi, I’m Emily.

Tech professional turned public speaking coach…

… and living proof that you can learn how to turn your communication skills into a superpower

Even if …. you’re an introvert.

Even if …. you dread presenting.

Even if …. public speaking makes you super nervous.

Because the truth is – public speaking is not a skill you have to be born with. It absolutely is a teachable skill you can learn.

How do I know this?

I’ve made this exact transformation myself! Plus I’ve helped hundreds of clients crush their fear of public speaking and go on to do amazing things with these new skills. 

Uplift your communication and it will change your life. 

Want to know more?

Imagine working with a public speaking coach who’s been where you are…

With 15 years’ experience in tech and cyber security roles, I understand the unique expectations and challenges that exist in the tech space.

So, with me as your public speaking coach, you can expect relevant and specific strategies, tailored to help you – or your team:

  • speak with confidence, clarity and impact – even at short notice

  • use the power of storytelling to better engage stakeholders

  • structure and deliver stories that help influence or change behaviours

  • make your ideas, data or messages more meaningful and memorable

  • attract more public speaking opportunities (and actually enjoy them!)

If you struggle with public speaking for any reason – and you’re ready to change how you share your message – I can help.

My relationship with speaking has certainly changed. I’ve gone from shivering in the corner, unable to get a couple of words out, to giving a talk to a room full of people at RMIT.

Using the structure I learned from Emily, I was able to capture my nerves in that moment and just calm them down. It was amazing – now I can see that it will only continue to get better.

Journey Expert

Turn Public Speaking into a Superpower

for yourself, your team or your organisation

Whether you need public speaking coaching for yourself (1:1 or inside a group program), for your team or for your conference speakers – I can help

For individuals

Group Coaching

In a Fun & Interactive Live Group Environment (run once per year), learn: How to prepare and deliver an impactful presentation E-2-E, or How to leverage the art of storytelling in the corporate workplace. They’re experiences like no other!

Private Coaching

Via tailored 1:1 sessions, I’ll support you with a specific event (E.g. a Conference talk or interview) or a specific goal you’re working towards (e.g. Building your level of influence & impact). With me in your corner, I’ll make sure you nail it!

For organisations

Corporate Workshops

Boost your team’s ability to execute against your own agenda, at pace, by transforming their ability to communicate. My corporate workshops are tailored to meet your team’s specific requirements and goals, so they hit the mark for your people.

Conference Support

My professional conference speaker support helps first-time and experienced presenters – especially women – step up to share their expertise with confidence, clarity and power. No matter what level of experience, I’ll elevate each speakers’ impact.

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